CBD… What’s All That About?

CBD or cannabidiol, is a molecule produced in cannabis plants. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and has no intoxicating effects. CBD holds many benefits, the most fascinating being its neuroprotective qualities.

CBD directly affects major brain receptors like serotonin and GABA which play a huge role on your mental and bodily functions. Cannabidiol is commonly used to treat and reduce pain, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, nausea, high blood pressure, is known for calming Parkinson’s, and much more!

CBD is currently legal to purchase and consume in all 50 states! Check our location map to find products near you!


The history of cannabis…

Welcome to the revolution! The cultivation and use of the Marijuana plant dates all the way back to ancient China in 2727 BC. These historic civilizations used the plant in many different ways for its medicinal and herbal properties. It was not until 1970 that the use of cannabis was completely outlawed with the passage of the Controlled Substances Act.

When the act passed, cannabis was classified as a Schedule 1 Drug, the “most dangerous” of classifications. Colorado was the first state to legalize in January of 2014, beginning the revolution.

As of June, 2019 33 states have legalized the recreational or medical use of marijuana. Since then we have been able to discover more and more healing properties from the plant. The next step in the revolution is to fight for its reschedulization. This would allow for a full spectrum of research to be conducted on a governmental level.

Marijuana is an incredible plant that has the potential to enhance and even save the lives of those in need.


Have you ever had a budtender tell you to take a whiff of a strain? It is no secret that marijuana is a very fragrant plant. Commonly, having strong scents of lemon, blueberry, cheese, pine, or even fart-like aromas. Terpene content plays a big role in strain definition. Technically speaking, terpenes are organic hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants.

These distinct fragrances have more effect on the body than just its smell. Terpenes are also known for causing certain sensations upon ingestions. Depending on the compound, they can make you feel happy, relaxed, sleepy, energized. Some also hold anti-inflammatory properties.

What is the perfect strain for you?

Beginner: Never tried cannabis before, or haven’t smoked in ages?

Try starting with a strain of marijuana that is predominantly CBD based. A ratio of 2:1 CBD to THC is a perfect introduction to the psychoactive effects of the plant. Use a joint or an oil cartridge pen for ease.

Intermediate: Tried a few times, or like it for special occasions?

Amp it up a bit! Picking a strain with 8-15% THC is perfect for a leveled up high, without being overwhelming. Try using a water pipe (bong) for a fuller experience.

Advanced: Ingest weekly or daily?

Want to take a trip to the moon? Try a strain like MAC 1, this flower has 31% THC in it and will give you a very stoney high. In terms of concentrates, diamonds are the way to go. This is a form of live resin that holds the most amount of THC than any other type of extract.

What ways can you consume Cannabis?

It is 2019 and we have evolved from corncob pipes, apples, and filterless rolled joints. You can ingest cannabis in a number of ways!

  1. Smoking: Can be accomplished by using a pre-rolled joint, pipe, bong, and bubblers!

  2. Vaping: Can be accomplished by using an oil cartridge pen, herb or oil vaporizer, or a volcano vaporizer.

  3. Eating & Drinking: Can be accomplished from baked goods, candy, savory snacks, sodas, tinctures, mints, and . more!

  4. Topically: Can be accomplished by lotions, patches, lubricant, and serums.