Mr. Nice GUy Lebanon Crew Cleans up the park!

In the small town of Lebanon, Oregon the Mr Nice Guy crew of five helpful, and amazing folks performed a civic service of kindness in cleaning our local Century Park. Lead by Timothy (Timmy) Glassco, all of the team arrived at the early hour of 10:00am to meet up at the shop. They soon embarked to the park to commence the cleaning operation, organized by Jasper Burton. Once arriving, without question they all set out on cleaning the park together. After only a short time the park was in a clean, safe manner, thanks to the efforts of everyone (Timmy, Marie Olson, Shy’Ann Mordecai, Nick Dadey, and Jasper Burton). Noticing the excitement and hard work being put forward by our company, the city of Lebanon has stated it would like to place a sign at the park in our honor. Having seen what a difference this has made, it won’t be long before the Lebanon MNG crew returns to keep if clean for the community, but most importantly, the children.

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Baby bunny saved!!

During our 3755 Commercial St. Salem volunteer day, they found a baby bunny on the side of the road. The crew spent the day cleaning up a section on the highway when they came across this little guy. Unhealthy, scared, and helpless, the team saved this little bunny and brought him to the wildlife reserve. He will go on to live a happy, healthy life thanks to the Nice Guys!

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Mr. Nice Guy Astoria, Olney Crew cleans up the beach!

This entire crew spent their day along the shore, cleaning up trash and debris. We are beyond grateful for the beautiful state of Oregon and we vow to do our part to keep it clean and thriving. After a full day, each team member filled up two trash bags. A little goes a long way. Much love and respect to our cleanup team!


Coos Bay Animal Shelter Clean-Up

In July of 2019 our Coos Bay Crew spent their day cleaning up the local animal shelter. Helping out all aspects of our community is really important to us, animals included!



Salem Roadside Cleanup

On April 9th, the Mr. Nice Guy crew on Commercial spent the morning cleaning up trash and roadside debris.

We strive to continually help build and grow our local communities.


Cat Shelter Renovation

On June 17th two of our Mr. Nice Guy Salem stores collaborated to repaint and renovate a local cat shelter.

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CHristmas in july for animals!

In July of 2019, the Rockaway Beach crew teamed up to create a donation pile for their local animal shelter! The team and our awesome customers came together to secure months worth of food, treats, and toys for the animals in need. Shout out to these coastal Nice Guys!


Beach Cleanup

In March, Mr. Nice Guy partnered with Solve to help

cleanup the Oregon Coast! Cleanup sites stretched along the coast from the border of California to the border of Washington. Shoutout to all of our awesome volunteers!